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Software Updates


“Embroidery Tool Shed” Beta Version 18.68 (01/22/2024)


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What you will find in this update:

1. Active software’s with in ETS.

When the customers activate any of our software’s titles and ICON becomes active to the right.
Until recently this has become a bit confusing. (At least for me) So we have changed the icon to match what can be found in the shopping cart.

ETS Beta Version 18.68

2. Send designs to Brother / Babylock machines wirelessly.

Works in everything SW with the exception of ETS and MFD.

Now it works:

  1. You will find a machine ICON at the top.
    a. You must have a design open.
  2. This will bring up the Machines interface.
  3. Clicking on the Edit button you can set up your machine by inputting the IP address and changing the name.
    a. Also, you can find a new search button that should show you a list of IP addresses available on your network.

    ETS Beta Version 18.68


  1. Using Windows: This will show every IP on your network. Look for the one labeled “Brother Embroidery Machine.”
  2. Using Mac: You will not see the name to the right of the IP. Best to check your sewing machine’s IP manually.
    Refer to your sewing machine’s manual for these instructions.

    ETS Beta Version 18.68

  3. You can add mutable machine by clicking New.

    ETS Beta Version 18.68

3. Release of Embroidery Tool Shed Plus

    a. This is a purchasable module.
    b. All the features of ETS plus lettering (17 fonts)
        Bauhaus, Casual, Arial, Ribbon Love, Brush
        Cap_Scr, Cursive, Diana, CurlyQ
        Amgothicg, Centuri2, Athletic, VARSITY PUFF
        Arial Applique, Round Monogram, Interlocking, and Fishtail

4. Release of Edge-to-Edge Quilting

    a. This is a purchasable add on to My Quilt Planner module.
    b. Must have an activated version of My Quilt Planner to have “Edge-to-Edge Quilting” appear for sale and activation.