Software Updates

Software Updates


Embroidery Tool Shed Version 16.23 (10/23/2021)


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What you will find in this update:

    1. ETS (All)

      a. Added more help video URLs links to the software.
      b. Small bug with video links fixed.
      c. The PHC files you sent me in a couple of emails sometimes ago, are supported now.
      d. The bug with the slow redraw that was showing wrong zig-zag is fixed.

    1. Patch Applique Maker

      a. Add to new styles you sent for the Merrow Patch has been added.

      b. We have added Mimic Merrow (M-Merrow) stitch type to the applique function.

    1. My Quilt Planner

      a. The issue with the Miter frame in MQP has been fixed – it will work on new quilts only.

      Before:      After:

      b. Fix bug with the overlap in the corners.