Windows Defender SmartScreen

When trying to install an EXE you might get the Windows Defender SmartScreen blue screen appear. This is to prevent you from installing harmful programs or malware to your computer.

Windows Defender SmartScreen is defined as “a feature of Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 operating systems which has been implemented to improve safety and security of your computer.” One reason this comes up is that Window’s doesn’t recognize the EXE which has been launched and that it could be a POTENTIAL threat. This does not mean that the EXE is, in fact harmful. The Inspiration software is perfectly safe to launch and will install the designs without harming your system.

To get past this first click on “More Info”

This will give you the file name and publisher that is not recognized. Simply click on Run Anyway.

The User Account Control will appear. Click Yes.

This will launch the setup and allow you to continue.