Design Installation Instructions

DIME Inspiration Design Collections Installation Instructions

1. Insert the CD. Wait for the prompt to “auto launch” or if this does not occur select the CD Drive on your computer and click “Run CD_start.exe”.

2. Select the “Install Designs” button.

3. Click the “Setup” button and a registration screen will appear.


A. The 16 digit serial number is located inside the CD case. Use all CAPITAL letters. Dashes (-) are required.

B. The system will automatically add your “Registration Number”. Do not change it.

C. Complete the form (all fields with an asterisk are required). Select the “Register Now” button.

4. Scroll down and “click” that you accept the terms. The registration box will automatically close.

5. After you register and go through the installation steps, your design collection will be placed into a specific folder located on your computer’s hard drive as follows: C:\Dime\Designs\InspirationCollections\”name of your purchased collection”.

Inspiration Design Collection Registration WITHOUT Internet Connectivity

If you do not have internet access on your computer you can register using any computer with internet connectivity by accessing registration support online at: